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Active Adventures in Musquodoboit Valley

At first glance, life in Musquodoboit Valley appears to be quite serene. Drives through pastoral landscape and scenic views along the Musquodoboit River lead people to believe this agricultural valley doesn’t offer much in the way of fun for those who have an adventurous spirit. In fact, there are countless activities for thrill-seekers to enjoy. 

Motorcyclers' Haven

In May 2009, then Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Hon. Brooke Taylor, declared May to be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Nova Scotia. Bikers are appreciative of this announcement because it helps to educate new riders and heightens motorists’ awareness of motorcycles. 

Bike season can be enjoyed safely every month when touring through Musquodoboit Valley. The highways leading to our area are all in reasonably good condition with many gentle turns and not a lot of traffic. Autumn, here, offers spectacular coloured leaves, fresh air and plenty of sunshine. 




Pull over at one of the many pocket parks located throughout the valley between Meagher’s Grant and Upper Musquodoboit. 

Garages, restaurants and accessible washrooms make this area a real biker’s destination. 

Riders are encouraged to stop and enjoy an ice cream or a cuppa java and meet some of the locals. Want to know what's happening with motorcyclists in Nova Scotia??... visit

As an anonymous blogger to the Nova Scotia Motorcycles website says: 

“Real  bikers are all members of a kinship with no concern for status or wealth. They have a live and let live philosophy while still watching each other’s backs.”

It’s because of this kind of mindset, bikers fit right in while visiting our Valley! 

For the Bicycle Enthusiasts


Bicyclists, too, enjoy touring Musquodoboit Valley. With multiple entry points, including Musquodoboit Harbour, Sheet Harbour, Stewiacke and Elmsdale (to mention but a few!) there are lots of  opportunities to challenge even experienced cyclists. As well, there’s awesome scenery to enjoy along the way. 

For off-road bikers, the Musquodoboit Trailway offers a 14.5-km multi-use trail between Musquodoboit Harbour and Gibraltar. 

See for other Valley bike routes.

Canoeing and Kayaking

If you’re the type of person who’d rather avoid the highways altogether, the Musquodoboit River is an ideal waterway, a scenic Class II canoeing river suitable for novice paddlers. There are lots of places to put in along the river but many prefer to start at the bridge on the Caribou Gold Mines Rd., (near Upper Musquodoboit). From there, a 77.42 km adventure awaits you. 

Late Spring is typically the best time of year when the water is still high and the temperature has warmed. Later in the season, there are many places where the water is shallow.

Be sure to check water levels in advance of your excursion. If you complete the entire run, you can expect it to take two to three days. 


There are five portages, with areas of heavy whitewater not suitable for the average whitewater canoeist. When you’re ready to take a break, cleared areas along the river are available for overnight camping. It is advised to consult Canoe Waterways Maps before heading out. 


While some may believe that sport fishing and hunting are only activities reserved for a favoured few, Musquodoboiters know these things are part of our daily existence. The Musquodoboit River still provides a healthy habitat for Atlantic sea trout, salmon, and other species. 


Fly fishing the Musquodoboit River lets fishers try out their best wet and dry flies. A healthy population of Atlantic salmon and sea trout still come in to this river system. 

For good reason, the sea trout strawberry run in early July has been a favourite for years. Large, deep pink sea trout, freshly in from the Atlantic Ocean have lots of fight and challenge your skills. 

When the water’s up salmon, too, move through as they return to their place of origin. 

A glance at any map of this area will indicate the numerous fresh water lakes, brooks, and streams that are alive with speckled  trout and other species. Be sure to check with the Department of Natural Resources for details regarding daily catches and the latest regulations. While in the area, dedicated sports persons can plan to stay at one of the local bed and breakfasts so they’ll be sure to be on the water at first light. 


In Musquodoboit Valley, everyone has a few wild neighbours, but not necessarily of the two-legged variety. We are home to a healthy population of red fox, brown bears, and white-tailed deer, which can be spotted any time of day or night. As well, we have Canada geese, pheasants and other game birds. Hunters and their dogs can enjoy a day outdoors during one of the best seasons of all. 

Although there are coyotes in the area, there still remains a healthy population of hare and white-tailed deer. 

Hunters are advised to contact the Department of Natural Resources to learn about the most recent regulations before heading to the woods. 


Visitors should also know Musquodoboit Valley has a gun club and rifle range to enjoy.

Hiking and Cross-Country Ski Trails

Hikers and cross-country skiers have multiple choices to make when deciding what part of Musquodoboit Valley they’d like to discover first. The following trail systems are classified as shared-use, meaning they are open to mountain bikers, walkers/hikers, ATVs and snowmobiles, cross country skiers, and horseback riders. For more info visit the Nova Scotia Trails Federation web site.


At the Forestry Education Complex, 12014 Hwy. 224, Middle Musquodoboit, the 11 trails through the McCurdy Woodlot provide outdoor enthusiasts a natural setting to see and hear a variety of bird species along with variety of plants and wildlife. 

The Musquodoboit Rails to Trails is another popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. This six-trail system, that begins in Musquodoboit Harbour, offers solitude and rugged wilderness that includes spectacular scenery, wetlands, cliffs and natural growth forests. Trails are coded as easy, moderate, difficult, and rugged.

The Carrolls Corner Mastodon Trail is a 3 metre wide finished trail which connects the communities of Carrolls Corner and Dutch Settlement along a 4 kilometer route.

Dollar Lake Provincial Park has an 8-kilometre groomed cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing trail system. 

There are many side trails, old roads, and game trails in the park that can be used to extend your ski or hike.

Visit for more info about Dollar Lake trails. Click here for directions to get there.


For ATV Enthusiasts


Musquodoboit Valley has two ATV Clubs that organize group outings and weekend getaways and always make new members welcome.

If you're an ATV enthusiast looking for trail adventures, look no further than Musquodoboit Valley!

If you are curious about life in the country and want to test your skills in nature, be sure to make Musquodoboit Valley your destination.

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Dollar Lake is the deepest lake in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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