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Experience Musquodoboit Valley!

Nova Scotia is promoted as Canadaís ocean playground. Because Musquodoboit Valley is inland, our playground is an area thatís rich with things other than dories, lobster traps and seagulls. Instead, we host festivals and celebrate great outdoor adventures and so much more!

Annually, approximately 3.5 million travellers use the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Musquodoboit Valley is only 45 minutes away and only an hourís drive away from the provinceís capital city of Halifax. Within 90 kilometres of our location are the Towns of Truro, New Glasgow, Stewiacke, and Amherst. We invite you to explore Musquodoboit Valley's 714 square kilometres. Pristine lakes, natural forests and scenic landscapes are taken for granted by those who live here, but visitors are thrilled to see the natural beauty of our Valley.

Things To Do

Musquodoboit hosts several popular events throughout the year that offer people a opportunity to learn more about life in rural Nova Scotia. Musquodoboit Valley has something to offer everyone, whether you're wanting a bit of Family Fun, Active Adventure, Rest and Relaxation, Arts and Culture, or just want to dig into a little Valley history

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Updated 22 Dec 2013

Waddya know...?

The name Musquodoboit, pronounced (mus-ka-DOB-it) originates from the Miíkmaq language, and means "rolling out in foam". 


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